Fairfax Chapter of AWE launches!

Welcome! My name is Ashley Bernardi, and I am the Fairfax Chapter Leader for Awesome Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). I am thrilled and honored to be launching AWE’s Fairfax Chapter, and cannot wait to meet and connect with all of the trailblazing women business owners in this area.

I am also Founder & Publicity Director for Nardi Media LLC, a full-service media relations firm that specializes in television, radio, print, and online placements for a variety of clients. I launched my business in 2015, from my basement that I shared with my kids as their playroom. For months, I remained isolated (and very lonely!) in my tiny windowless corner of my home. Little did I know or realize there was an entire world of women entrepreneurs like myself out there waiting to meet me…some of them literally just right down the street.

My business (and my happiness) didn’t start thriving until I literally put myself out there in the world and started connecting with other women entrepreneurs. That was a game-changer and turning point for me. My first step towards networking and collaboration began at Play, Work or Dash in Tysons Corner, a work-while-your-kids-play business, where I connected with many working mompreneurs in the DC region. That’s when I realized that I needed more of this. My mind – and my business – were hungry for community, collaboration, and friendships with like-minded women business owners. I wanted and needed more!

Enter Awesome Women Entrepreneurs. I have been blown away by the enthusiasm, support, collaboration, creativity, and passion behind this AWESOME organization. I am surrounded by sisters who are rocking their own businesses and thriving off collaboration and creativity from other awesome women business owners. Together, we make the world better, all while fulfilling our own passions and building meaningful relationships.

I’m passionate about helping all women realize their potential once they take a step to connect with other like-minded women. I’ve seen the results and growth in both my personal and professional life, and I am so excited for you to embark on this journey with me. Get ready for both your life and business to change in ways you never imagined. There is power in awesome women gathering together, and I invite you to join us and experience the AWEsome transformation that happens when we get together.

Please contact me at ashley@nardimedia.com if you would like to be added to the list so I can personally invite you to our inaugural AWE Fairfax Chapter meeting! I would love to hear from you! 

Click around the website to learn more about AWE Radio and Podcast, Accountability Groups and other ways we’ll help your business grow and thrive, and join us at our first (and then later, next) meeting!